What Pairs With Cabernet Franc?

What pairs with cabernet franc? The good news is that Cab Franc is a food-friendly wine that works with many kinds of food.

What Pairs With Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc: How Does The Wine Taste?

Before picking up your next bottle of Cab Franc, let’s answer a fundamental question you might be asked at dinner parties. What does this red wine taste like? There are a few ways to answer that question.

Most wine drinkers describe Cabernet Franc as tested like strawberry, cherry, flavors of raspberry, and red plum. Some people also detect chili pepper, black pepper, green pepper, and fresh herbs in the wine. Wine region-specific factors also influence the specific flavor of the wine grape. 

Like so many great wine grapes, Cabernet Franc is thought to originate in France. This medium-bodied red wine is mainly produced in two French wine regions: the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. 

Cabernet Franc Icewine

Cab Franc is also made into a premium ice wine by wine producers. Take Canadian ice wine as an example. Instead of plum flavors, rose ice wine typically has strawberry, cranberry, and cherry flavors.

Food Pairings For Cabernet Franc

This red wine combines well with a variety of foods, so there’s every chance that you can find a winning pairing. Since most people associate red wine and red meat, we’ll start with the meat pairings.

Cab Franc Meat Pairing

There are several types of meat that work well with the fruit aromas in Cabernet Franc. Lamb dishes such as roasted lamb, especially with tasty Italian herbs and spices – are a classic pick to enjoy with Cabernet Franc. For those seeking a take-out option, lamb gyros are an excellent option.

As an alternative, roast chicken also pairs with this medium-bodied wine. In addition, beef tenderloins and filet mignon are excellent to enjoy with Cab Franc. Lastly, pork dishes, including pork chops and pork belly, also go well with Cab Franc.

Tip: Want more ideas on what to drink with your next steak? Check out this guide to the best wine with steak. You’ll find out which wines work with the five most popular cuts of steak.

Cab Franc Cheese Pairings

Goat cheese is the obvious choice to eat with Cab Franc. The medium-high acidity in the wine goes well with the cheese. There’s a good reason that Cab Franc and goat cheese have been enjoyed together for a long time in the Loire Valley – this pairing works!

For those who prefer other types of cheese, there are two rules of thumb to keep in mind. Focus your effort on hard types of cheese, such as cheddar. Soft cheeses like feta cheese and brie also work with the Cab Franc. Those who prefer blue cheeses might want to try a different wine like a Sauvignon Blanc.

Vegetarian Foods With Cabernet Franc

The versatile ability of Cab Franc to match a variety of vegetables makes it a popular vegetarian wine. The wine works best with dishes that feature peppers like bell pepper, green bell pepper, or roasted pepper. The flavor profile of this red wine also pairs effectively with tomato, including tomato sauce and tomato-based dishes like lasagna. A vegetarian pizza wine pairing also works well if your pizza includes mushroom, tomato sauce, and pepper.

French Food Wine Pairings

The correct French foods can make an excellent food match for Cabernet Franc. For example, try a French onion soup bowl on a cold winter day, beef stews (i.e., Moroccan beef stew), or pork tenderloin.

Cabernet Franc Wine Regions

It’s easier to answer what pairs with Cabernet Franc when focusing on a more specific wine region. A finished wine from a French region like the Loire is quite different from South Africa or Canada. Fortunately, if your goal is to enjoy wine with food, there is no need to memorize many different wine regions.

Instead, take the following shortcut to understand how grape varieties (including a Cabernet Franc with a medium body) vary based on location. There are two types of wine regions – warmer climates like California and cooler climates like Champagne or Washington.

A bottle of wine produced in warmer climates tends to have stronger fruit aromas. On the other hand, wine producers in cooler climates like Ontario will still have fruit aromas, but they will be milder. Of course, this basic wine distinction is just part of the story. Specific wine-making techniques like the decision to use oak barrels or something else also influence the taste of the wine.

In terms of volume, France accounts for over 50% of all Cabernet Franc. You may not see Cabernet Franc as a stand-alone varietal very often. Instead, French wine producers tend to use Cab Franc in the bed red blend wine

Finding Single-Varietal Cabernet Franc Wines

It isn’t easy to find 100% Cab Franc wines compared to famous grapes like Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Wine tradition is a significant reason for this reality. By convention, Cab Franc tends to be used as a blending grape in wines. In a way, Cab Franc is used as a sort of insurance policy to balance the tastes of other wine grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon by many wine producers.

There are a few ways to track down single-varietal wine made from Cab Franc. Visit your favorite wine shop and ask them for suggestions. If that doesn’t work out, then look for regions known to grow a lot of Cab Franc. For example, cool wine climates like Canada grow a lot of this grape. In terms of Europe, the Loire Valley is your best bet to find relevant wines.

What Pairs With Cabernet Franc?

With these ideas, you have everything you need to plan an awesome family dinner that impresses your relatives. The grape is a French favorite in blends, mainly traditional Bordeaux blends. The wine works well with meat and vegetarian foods, including lasagna, tomato-based dishes, and pork. In France, Goat cheese and Cabernet Franc are a French favorite, along with French onion soup and Cab Franc.

What Pairs With Cabernet Franc?

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