What To Pair With Syrah Wine

Deciding what to pair with Syrah wine is easy when you know a few food pairing principles. In this wine guide, you’re about to learn both comfort food pairings and a wide range of other pairings. The best part is that you can enjoy these pairings with affordable wines.

What To Pair With Syrah Wine
Rows of ripe Syrah wine grapes on vineyards in Cotes de Provence in the south of France.

Syrah Wine Flavor: It Depends On Climate

Whether you call it Syrah or Shiraz, this red wine offers plenty. It is a bit difficult to generalize because wine flavor profiles vary depending on a few factors like alcohol content and climate. For simplicity, let’s focus on Syrah made in a cooler or warmer climate.

Cool climate Syrah, made in wine regions like Washington State, is typically described as a spicy wine. The primary fruity flavor is raspberry. Additional flavor comes in the form of white pepper and licorice. Many wine drinkers find the herbaceous quality in the cool climate Syrah wines from France particularly appealing.

On the other hand, Syrah or Shiraz made in warmer regions has a somewhat different taste. You can easily find this grape varietal in hotter climates – look for Australia’s McLaren Valley or McLaren Vale.
The wine tends to be full-bodied with a higher alcohol level. In addition, this type of Shiraz wine tends to have a black fruit character featuring blackberry or even black cherry. Also, warm climate Syrah wine sometimes has a dark chocolate flavor.

Now that you know the basics of how this grape variety tastes in the glass, let’s look at some popular wine pairings.

What To Pair With Syrah Wine: Comfort Food Pairings

Pouring a glass of Syrah wine and a plate of comfort food is one of the best ways to relax. Your comfort food preferences may be different – you might be a big fan of lamb recipes, for example. That said, these classic comfort food options are an excellent starting point.

1 Burgers

As I write this post, summer weather has arrived. Syrah wine makes a great food pairing with burgers. I would recommend avoiding some toppings like overly creamy sauces, though. For something different, try adding some blue cheese to your burger.

2 BBQ Ribs

Continuing in the comfort food category, BBQ Ribs are another excellent dish to enjoy with your next glass of Syrah. This food pairing works with Syrah or Shiraz. I typically favor Shiraz from warmer regions with meat dishes like burgers or BBQ ribs. Also, pork ribs and the pork shoulder can work well with Syrah

3 Lamb Comfort Food

Do you like lamb shawarma and roasted lamb? If so, you’re in luck because those dishes are an excellent food pairing with Syrah. Other lamb options that work well include lamb chops and lamb stew.

Other Food Pairings For Syrah

Aside from the comfort food options outlined above, this red wine works with many other dishes. Pick and choose from these Shiraz wine pairing ideas to discover the right flavor intensity for you.

Vegetarian Dishes

While meat is a popular recommendation, variety is the spice of life! For a vegetarian option to work well with Syrah wine, try Enjoying Syrah with white beans or your favorite baked bean recipe. Vegetarian tacos could also work well with a bottle of Syrah. Lentils and grilled vegetables are also excellent to enjoy with a glass of Syrah wine.


In food pairings, cheese and wine have a long history of going well together. While I usually prefer goat cheese, it is not the ideal pairing for this wine. Instead, try some blue cheese for variety. Aged cheddar cheese also works well with Syrah. Die-hard cheese lovers may also pick up some less well-known cheeses like Brie or Camembert.

Spicy Food

Finding the perfect wine to pair with spicy food is easy. Start with a full-bodied wine – a Syrah bottle will do – and you’re ready. For a white wine option, an off-dry Riesling can work well. Find out more about this option in my guide to semi-sweet Riesling.

Meat Dishes

As a red wine, Syrah wine tends to match well with a wide variety of meat dishes. For example, a lamb dish like Irish lamb stew or a lamb shoulder can work well. Beef lovers can enjoy a beef stew, a beef rib, or even excellent roast beef with their Syrah way. For additional wine with steak pairing ideas, see my detailed guide to the best wine with steak.

Syrah vs. Shiraz

When you start searching for these wines, you’ll discover that Syrah and Shiraz are the same wine grape. Keep these simple points in mind when deciding what to pair with Syrah wine.

Syrah Wine Regions

Wine producers in Europe tend to use Syrah wine for their wines. In France, you will find Northern Rhône Syrah is one popular choice. These amazing quality wines also come with a high price tag. If those French wines are not in your budget, look for Shiraz.

Shiraz Wine Regions

Outside of Europe, it is easier to find Shiraz wine. In particular, Australia is known for producing high-quality warm climate Shiraz wine. In the US, wine producers use both grape names. You will sometimes see American Rhone-style Wines available in the market. Other American producers take inspiration from Australia and call their wines Shiraz.

What To Pair With Syrah Wine In Summary

Finding the best food pairings to enjoy with Syrah wine is easy once you know a few principles. Generally, roasted and grilled meats like burgers and steak are a great idea. The wine can also pair well with several popular kinds of cheese like aged cheddar and camembert. For vegetarian options, look for dishes that feature lentils and beans.

The above wine pairing ideas are best seen as a starting point. Ultimately, the best way to find a pairing you like is to experiment. Please pick up a few bottles of Syrah and try them with different foods. You might discover a fantastic pairing that nobody else has found yet! Want to see how other red wines pair with food? See my post on What Pairs With Cabernet Franc?

What To Pair With Syrah Wine

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